A Little About House of Hawkins

First of all, Welcome to House of Hawkins! This site is an accumulation of work over the past few years. I, (Jonathan Hawkins) have been developing my web skills over time and this site has grown and changed with me. It first started at happygolucky.me.uk where I learnt the basics of HTML, PHP and MySQL. Things have certainly moved on since then.

Today this site is about how I got to this point, the previous work I have done, both web projects and more desktop orientated programs. It is my hope that you will find something useful, fun, informative and enjoyable here. I have created a couple of Versions of "Jawbreaker", (a game I first found on my mobile), which has been very popular.

Please do look at the different pages, the projects page contains a list of all my projects and links to their own content. The Photo Gallery is an Adobe Flash project to share my pictures with friends and family. The Site Map can be found via the link at the bottom of every page. This gives a list of all the pages available and a brief description of them. It also splits up the projects into Subject matter for easier browsing.

Thank you for your interest and time here. If you wish to contact me please follow this link to email me, or use the "Contact Me" link at the bottom of each page. I will endeavour to return your email at my first opportunity.

Jonathan Hawkins

The Family and I
Picture of my family

My name, as you may have read above, is Jonathan Hawkins. I currently live in Horsham, (West Sussex), with my beautiful girlfriend Charlotte and my three wonderful children Dale, Ethan and Kendra Fae. The picture from left to right is: Kendra, Ethan and Dale.

Since graduating from Sussex University in the summer of 2006, (god time does fly!), I have worked for large insurance company (Ace Insurance Group), a small software house in London(The Commerce Partnership, TCPL) and am currently employed at another small software house in Horsham (Red River Software).

At university I studied Computer Science with Artificial intelligence as a mature student (age 25 when I re-entered Higher Education). I achieved a 2:2 from a well known and respected establishment.

I did not directly learn about web design through university but taught my self the fundamentals as I went along and have since used these skills in my everyday work. My web design knowledge has certainly changed, (for the better I may add!), over that time. The projects Section has some links to previous sites and older pieces of work that show my progress and learning curve over the years. I started from an Open source point of view, only really because the hosting company I went with used PHP, Apache and MySQL so that is what I had to play with. I now primarily use C# to build ASP.NET (MVC and regular ASP.NET sites), Desktop (primarily WPF) and Console applications.

I hope you enjoy looking around this site.

Recent Projects
Picture of a poker chip

There have been a number of personal and work projects that I have been involved in, including the creation and maintenance of this site. It has gone through a lot of change, and development(the old site can be found here). To some degree this is always an on going project as the more I learn the more I develop, extend and change this site to reflect my skills and interests.

C# has become my language of choice, this site is still PHP, but during its next evolution will more than likely become an MVC site.

I have worked on various personal projects over the years, I have created a game (when I say created, I took a game that I liked from my old phone and made my own version). There have been two versions of this game. The first was during university Java Jawbreaker, since then I wanted to try and create this in C# (winforms) which became CS Jawbreaker

My first exploration into an open source project was Custom Configuration for .Net. The goal was to remove the repetitious task of storing and retrieving values from configuration files in .Net projects. If you only have 2 or 3 values then appSettings is fine, but if you need more complex information or just larger amounts this becomes a boring and laborious task. The project made it simple (in some cases a 1 line statement) to load N number of variables in a strongly typed object removing the headache of dealing with configuration files and casting values to their correct types.

Picture of a poker chip

For a long time I have been interested in the game of Poker and AI. I wanted to try and create a framework to play with this. It has been a background task which I have being doing on and off for some time. I originally took on this project in Java for my dissertation at Sussex University achieving a reasonable 74%. The project was a large and ambitions one which I did not fully achieve. Currently there isn't anything publicly available but hope to be able to talk about it more in the future.