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For those who want to just dive right on in and play, the games are available here:

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40,000+ games have now been played of Java Jawbreaker! I am truly amazed and immensely proud that people have found and enjoyed playing it so much. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has played a game of Java Jawbreaker.

Total Games Played Average Games Per Day
52195 19.36

In the last few months the popularity seems to have increased a lot. Here is a quick count of how many games have been played in the last ten days.

Total Games Played Date The Where Games Played
1 22-02-2013
65 17-01-2013
2 05-01-2013
12 01-01-2013
5 28-11-2012
27 15-11-2012
12 13-11-2012
1 08-11-2012
19 06-11-2012
23 22-10-2012

Welcome to the Java Jawbreaker home page. This game was originally created (by my self, not the Original) in mid 2005. I found this game on my (at the time) new mobile phone (O2 XDA IIi). It was, and still is a lot of fun and a very addictive game. At that point I was in my second year at University and wanted to challenge my self programmatically. I thought this would be an interesting way to get to know how to design and build GUI's more and how to develop a program from scratch.

This game is a Java Applet so you will need to download and install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to be able to play it. Apart from this being my first attempt at a GUI game like this it was also my first applet and first game to be put online, which was exciting and rather nerve racking!

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The objective of the game is to score as high a score as possible. To do this you need to group balls together by colour. The larger the group the higher the score. When a group of balls is selected it will tell you the score for this. If you select that group again the balls will be removed from the game and the points added to your score. The balls above this group will then fall down to fill the space that was created by the previous balls, (this is assuming you are playing "standard", there are a number of different types of game). The game continues till there are no more groups of two or more balls left on the grid.

As previously said there are a few different types of game:

  • Standard
  • Shifter
  • Continuous
  • MegaShift

These different types all follow the basic rules but have a few variations in how the balls drop down when others are removed from play.


Standard acts as previously stated, they simply drop down until there is a ball below them.


Shifter drops the balls like standard but it also shifts the balls to the right. This means you will never get a gap in the balls they will always be one big group.


Continuous also drops the balls like standard but does not shift the balls to the right like Shifter. Instead it has extra rows of balls available. When ever a whole column has been emptied the balls are shifted to the right, (this happens in all the games), and a new line is added to the far left. This means that all columns will always have at least one ball in them.


Megashift is a combination of all the above! It has the normal behaviour of Standard, it shifts the balls to the right like Shifter and has extra lines available like Continuous.

The scoreboard for all the games can be found here. In the previous version of this game it became very popular with some people and over 2500 games had been played. Unfortunately since I have moved domain names I have not got my self back onto the search engines. My hope is that people will find this and start to enjoy playing it as before.

The code can be found in a zip here. If you want to just look, play, improve or comment on this program or the code please feel free to.

Thank you for your interest and time in this game.

A C# version (a game for Microsoft Windows computers) is being produced two improve upon this design and allow it to be played while not online. Why not Download CS Jawbreaker Today!